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Spare Parts

TOYODA Machine Tools

Immediately available in the original parts

  • All spare parts stored in Krefeld – EUROPE SERVICE CENTER – can be shipped quickly to our customers and partners all over Europe.
  • All JTEKT original spare parts are guaranteed with 12 months warranty.

Your advantages

  • Fast spare parts availability
  • More than 40,000 spare parts available in Krefeld
  • Flexible delivery according to your individual requirements
  • 12 months warranty on all JTEKT / TOYODA original spare parts
  • TOYODA original parts quality and guaranteed the uptodate technology

Our services

  • JTEKT / TOYODA original spare parts
  • Technically as good as new, they act as an ideal alternative to new parts, with an attractive price-performance ratio.
  • TOYODA Service Kits: Pre-assembled spare parts packages for the quick replacement of complete components and assemblies.
  • TOYODA T-Parts: Fully overhauled and functionally tested assemblies in manufacturer quality.