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Spindle repair

JTEKT machine tools

Here you are in the best hands.

  • Our technical department of spindle repair offers high quality services.
  • The parts used in the repairs are all original and of proven quality.
  • Our experts restore the spindle and measure all parameters according to JTEKT original manufacturing standards.
  • Most spindle models are available from stock.
  • This also allows for quick replacement of a defective spindle.
  • Our unique spindle nose solution is only available at JTEKT.
  • A benefit that saves you time and costs. A great advantage compared to other manufacturers.

JTEKT Spindle Repair

Deciding whether to repair, rebuild or replace a spindle is not easy. Variables such as the total cost, the age of the spindle and the complexity of the repair are all details the customer must consider.

With access to proprietary design and manufacturing techniques, JTEKT’s experienced team can rebuild a spindle to function like new. No other supplier can replicate this exacting process.

We have the experts

JTEKT’s team of factory-trained technicians strives to determine the needs of every spindle. Our engineers have years of experience servicing a wide variety of spindles and are equipped to keep your machine tool running in like-new condition.

We assure you high quality

JTEKT guarantees that your spindle will be assembled to the manufacturer’s original specifications. With access to proprietary spindle design procedures and tolerance dimension information, only our team can perform this exacting process. Beginning with an on-site assessment, components are cleaned, inspected, measured, balanced and finally reassembled.